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Standard mass balance calibration for the global reference glaciers

The general overview of each model version first provides a histogram comparing two different approaches to determine the glaciers temperature sensitivity parameter. For more information on this see Maussion et all. (2018), Figure 4.

With Select glacier you can search for and select a specific glacier and see how the mass balance model performs in its case. The plots compare the measured annual mass balance on this glacier with two different OGGM results: For the Calibrated t_star the annual mass balance is used to calibrate the glaciers temperature sensitivity in a way that the resulting mass balance bias is 0. The Crossvalidated t_star does not use the measured mass balance data and therefore represents true model performance.
All results for the global reference glaciers are calculated with the CRU climate data set.

OGGM Version: 1.1.2.dev47+g4db8ef5.

Output created: 2019-07-24.


Some statistics:

Calibrated bias: 0.00 [mm w.e.] (0 by construction)

Crossvalidated bias: 940.09 [mm.w.e]

Used Precipitation Factor: 2.50

Used Liquid Precipitation Temperature: 2.00 [deg C]

Used Melt Temperature: -1.00 [deg C]

Used Temperature Lapse Rate: -6.50 [K/km]